NAK Project

About NAK

The NAK Project is in the Babine copper-gold porphyry district of British Columbia, near past-producing mines and with excellent infrastructure. Previous drilling at NAK revealed a large near-surface copper-gold system measuring over 1.5 km x 1.5 km. Historical exploration was limited to shallow depths, averaging 170 m. In 2022, American Eagle's 2022 drilling program explored deeper and discovered significant copper-gold mineralization.

The objective for 2023 is to expand the known mineralized footprint at NAK and identify high-grade sources of copper and gold. The property is accessible by road, can be drilled year-round, and largely without helicopter support. The promising initial results make NAK an ideal candidate for further exploration. Drilling resumed in June 2023.

NAK 2022 Drill Program Results

Hole-by-Hole Highlights of NAK's 2022 Drill Program:

  • NAK22-01 returned 851 m of 0.37% CuEq, including 126 metres of 1.05% CuEq from surface
  • NAK22-02 returned 956 m of 0.37% CuEq, including 301 metres of 0.61% CuEq from surface
  • NAK22-03 returned 906 m of 0.21% CuEq from surface, including 645 metres of 0.24% CuEq
  • NAK22-04 returned 527 m of 0.45% CuEq from surface, including 89 metres of 0.98% CuEq
  • NAK22-05 returned 804 m of 0.20% CuEq from surface
  • NAK22-06 returned 900 m of 0.22% CuEq from surface, including 330 metres of 0.38% CuEq
  • NAK22-07 returned 856 m of 0.30% CuEq, including 106 metres of 0.53% CuEq from surface

Links to Long Sections & New Video Update on All Drilling Holes

Plan View Map of High Grade Surface Mineralization at NAK

Neil Prowse and Charlie Greig's Video on the Significance of NAK’s complete 2022 Drill Program

Long Sections & Images

NAK 2023 Exploration Plans

NAK23-08, -09, -10, & -11 With NAK 23-12 Proposed Hole

Nak property 2023 drill plan with geophysics overlay

NAK Project - Technical Presentation